The Battle of Anglesey Sound

From mainland Wales, you can take the Menai Suspension Bridge to the Isle of Anglesey. Wales, like the rest of Europe, was blistering under a heat wave, and Angesley was field after field of crispy yellow stalks. It’s a lot like Lincolnshire or Norfolk with the cliched gently rolling hills – the very picture of pleasant Jane Austen-esque countryside, except, for the blue mountains of Snowdonia which loomed over the landscape. The story for this week is set several millennia ago and involves the national boundaries of Anglesey.

Histories from the Lakes

Last September, I packed up the car and headed off to the Lake District in Cumbria. The National Park immediately struck me as a tamer, greener version of Scotland. Not that I wish to undersell its sublime qualities; it truly is the land that inspired Wordsworth. But this week’s story is not about William or Dorthory, it is set in 2000BC, or there abouts, (with a few liberties) and tells the story of Holtfevar and Revan two Neolithical members of the Stone Axe Cooperative.